Industrialization Of Domestic Nuclear Protective Coatings

CNOOC's offshore oil development of Changzhou paint Institute 1.5 million tons/year of environment-friendly series of nuclear grade protective materials development and industrialization projects recently in Jiangsu signed. The move to rewrite the history of the coating material of nuclear power in our country's long-term control of others, the future decades of nuclear electric power-related technologies and products of huge demand will satisfy the independence.

Offshore oil development Huo Jian, general manager of introduction, nuclear power coating material like sunscreen, but resist it no sunlight exposure, but high-intensity irradiation is an integral part of nuclear power facilities protection layer. All along, China's nuclear grade coating materials are mostly monopolized by foreign companies, the latest nuclear power coating materials technology and nuclear waste treatment (spent fuel neutron shielding) technology is also in the state of foreign technology blockade.
Changzhou Institute of CNOOC 2007 bear the national "863" project water high-performance radiation-proof coating material research and design of independent innovation developed efficient water emulsifying agent and curing agent, which can not only well Emulsified Epoxy resin system, and can make the film more superior performance; at the same time they also on new anti-radiation filler were mixed design, to further improve the environmental protection, and ultimately the formation of aqueous radiation protective paint through the nuclear performance test of the highest level, reaching the level of similar foreign products.

It is reported that the hospital has been formed to meet the requirements of protective coatings for a series of the nuclear grade of the new nuclear power plant, the performance test has passed the national authoritative department inspection, can withstand nuclear power plant of 60 years period inside the reactor high dose of nuclear radiation.

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