ACRYLATES: "I'm Afraid of Rising up of Mine."

Methyl acrylate, as an intermediate of organic synthesis, is also the monomer of synthetic macromolecule polymer. Methyl ethyl acrylate and isooctyl acrylate products are widely used and involved in many fields, such as rubber, medicine, leather, paper-making, adhesives and so on. Ethyl acrylate is a monomer of macromolecule synthetic materials, which is used to manufacture coatings, adhesives, leather processing liquid, textile auxiliaries and oil addictives and so on; isooctyl acrylate is used to produce Polymethyl methacrylate(PMMA) and other resins, plastics, coatings, adhesives, lubricants, wood and cork sizing agents, motor coil soaking agents, paper polishing agents, printing and dyeing auxiliaries and insulation filling materials.


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