Development and Application of Hot Organic Intermediate Amine Products

Organic chemical intermediates play an important role in the chemical industry. They are not only the downstream products of basic raw materials, but also the raw materials of fine chemical products. As China has listed fine chemical industry as a key development area in the 21st century, they stimulate and promote the progress of varieties, quality and synthesis technology of organic intermediates. However, there are many organic intermediates that need to be developed urgently in China. Lack of these intermediates or backward synthetic techniques has seriously hindered the generation and development of downstream fine chemical products. This paper mainly introduces some hot amine products which have promising development in recent years.


Diacetone acrylamide


It is an important fine chemical product. It is mainly used as homopolymer or as modified monomer of polymer participating in copolymerization. It is widely used in coatings, adhesives, daily chemicals, epoxy curing agents, photo-sensitive resin additives, textile additives, medical and health, and so on. With the progress and development of technology, new application fields of diacetone acrylamide have been gradually developed, so the application and development prospect of diacetone acrylamide is very broad.




It is not only a curing agent of epoxy resin with excellent performance and wide application, but also an important refined H2 industrial intermediate. It can be used to synthesize polyurethane, xylene nylon resin, 1,3-bis (aminomethyl) cyclohexane, serialized epoxy resin, rubber additives, pesticides, fiber finishing agents, rust inhibitors, lubricants, paper processing agents and electronic chemicals.


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