Fabrication Method of Alcohols Used in Tissues

In order to improve the softness and handle of tissues, the use of softeners in pulp is a common method in the paper-making industry. Although softeners can improve the softness of paper towels, the range of improvement is very limited. It has been reported that a certain amount of paper softener was added to the pulp, and the softness of the paper decreased by about 20%, but it still belongs to the hard paper. Therefore, it is urgent to develop a method that does not depend on paper softener to produce some paper with better softness.


Through experiments, the application of alcohol compounds in tissues and their adding methods can greatly improve the softness of tissues, and it can improve the moisture content of tissues at the same time. When contacting with human skin, it will not plunder skin moisture, and frequent wiping will not easily produce peeling phenomenon. Because of its high softness, it is especially suitable for infants.


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