Glycol Ether Solvent

The glycol ether solvent include ethylene glycol methyl ether solvents, ethylene glycol ether solvents, ethylene glycol propyl ether solvents and ethylene glycol butyl ether solvents. Ethylene glycol methyl ether (EM) is also known as methyl fibrinolytic agent; Ethylene glycol ether (EE, ECS) is also known as ethyl fibrinolytic machine, 2-ethoxyethanol; EB, BGS, also known as butyl fibrinolytic agent and 2-butoxyethanol, is an excellent solvent for ethanol ether. It is mainly used for nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, synthetic materials, especially volume, paint diluents, paint strippers and raw materials for spraying in painting industry apartment, drug extractant in the industry, resin plasticizer in the plastics industry, fiber lubricant in the placing industry, dispersant of chemical fiber oil. It can also be used as automotive brake fluids, pesticide dispersants, dry cleaning solvents, cutting oil solvents, organic synthesis intermediates, auxiliary solvents of mineral emulsifiable oils, analytical reagents, etc.


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