How to Identify Polymethyl Methacrylate China?

Polymethyl methacrylate china (PMMA) and acrylate plastics play an important role, whether as injection model materials or as glass materials.

When identifying, the sample of 0.5g is co-headed with a thousand sand of about 0.6g in the test tube, and the methyl methacrylate china monomer is obtained after depolymerization. A group of glass fibers can be used to collect the monomer at the test tube mouth. Methyl methacrylate monomers can be distilled from one tube to another. The two tubes are connected by a curved glass tube. One end of the rubber plug in the elbowed tube is stuffed on the opening of the test tube. The monomer was heated with a small amount of nitric acid (density 1.4g/ml) until a clear yellow solution was obtained. After cooling, it is diluted with water about half its volume and then added a 5-10% sodium nitrate solution. The solution is blue-green, and the form is methyl methacrylate china, which can be extracted by chloroform.

In the pyrolysis of polyacrylates, besides monomer esters, several pyrolysis products with strong odors are produced, which are either yellow or brown and acidic.

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