Introduction and Function of Acetobacter Products

Acetobacter is a kind of acid. Its products are widely used in our production and life. Acetobacter is a bacterium. It can produce milky white membrane, and its metabolites contain cellulose, and it tastes sour and fishy, and it can promote growth by the symbiosis with yeast. The produced acetic acid can clean the intestine and stomach and help digestion.


Acetic acid bacteria are widely distributed in the soil of orchard, grapes or other berries or surfaces of the rancidity food, as well as non sterilized vinegar, fruit wine, beer and yellow rice wine.


Acetobacter can directly convert glucose into acetic acid if there is sufficient sugar source. If there is no sugar source, ethanol will first be converted into acetaldehyde, then acetaldehyde into acetic acid. In the case of sufficient oxygen, alcohol can be oxidized into acetic acid to make vinegar.


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