Performance and Application of Chlorinated Disinfectants

The chlorinated solvents are widely used, especially chlorine-containing disinfectants.


Previously, non-chlorinated disinfectants were preferred because they were not susceptible to organic pollutants, but now they tend to choose chlorine containing disinfectant, and sodium hypochlorite is one of the most commonly used chlorinated disinfectants. It is cheap, easy to prepare, and has strong killing ability to viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores. It also has strong inactivation effect on human HIV, hepatitis toxin and other viruses.


Both experimental study and clinical application have proved that sodium hypochlorite solution has strong bactericidal activity, fast action and good effect. The bactericidal ability of free available chlorine to different microorganisms showed that it has 100% of bacteria and fungi and 99.6% to 99.9% of viruses were killed at 10-6 effective chlorine concentration, and it also had a strong killing effect on HIV. Also, there is no pollution to the environment, and the residual chlorine after discharge can further disinfect the sewage, and the irritation is low, and it can penetrate organic pollutants and has a good cleaning effect. It can be used for disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, dissolution of necrotic tissue, blood clots and scabs of skin, mucosa and wounds, as well as for disinfection of glass utensils, plastic products, etc. It is widely used in disinfection of tableware, utensils, clothing, walls, floors, air in the places of the hospitals, furniture and common places.


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