Yimurone Series Products – Use Feedback Reports

In the process of promoting Yimuketone series products (Yimuketone for swine, Yimuketone for eggs and poultry, Yimuketone for cattle and sheep), we have witnessed that Yimuketone ketones products bring real benefits to simple and kind users. The specific applications are reported as follows:


The application effect of egg and poultry xylitazone in layer scale farm:


1. Chicken excrement overfeeding occurs. The excrement overfeeding disappears after three days of using 1,000 kg of Yimutong product in each bag. The egg laying rate begins to rise after 15 days of using Yimutong in chickens. The egg laying rate starts to rise from 85% before to 93% at a rate of one percentage point per day.


2. The chickens which use for a long time has bright eggshells, and the peak period of laying eggs is one and a half months longer than unused chickens.


3. The problem of intestinal enteritis was thoroughly solved by the long-term use of leguminone in laying birds, especially by artificial insemination. The laying rate was more than 90%, and the fertilization rate and hatching rate were obviously improved.


The effects of piglet xylitazone on pigs at different stages:


The application of piglet oxymethone in sow purification is one month after pregnancy and one month before parturition. Two bags of pigs' xylitone were added to each ton of feed, and eight bags of Tongrenjing Fangbaidu Powder were added. The average number of piglets per sow per year reached 22, and the birth weight increased by 9%. There was no dilution of suckling pigs produced by sows purified by this procedure.


2. Application of Ixylone for pig in pig care


a. In the common conservation pigs, piglets run around when a stranger enters and using pigs for more than 10 days can change the situation. When the stranger enters the enclosure, the piglets eat freely and feel comfortable.


b. The intake of pigs increased after 3 days of using Ixylitazone. Three carts of manure per day were discharged from pens that did not use pigs' xylitone. After 7 days of using Ixylone for pigs, fecal output reduced to two vehicles per day.


c. The tear spots disappeared completely and the ammonia odor in the pens decreased significantly after a week or so of using porcine.


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