• KETONEKETONE2018/02/07A Ketone is a compound in which a Carbonyl Group is attached to two Hydroxyl Groups. According to the different hydrocarbon groups in the molecule, ketone can be divided into Aliphatic Ketone, Cyclic ...View
  • Glycol EthersGlycol Ethers2018/01/24Glycol ether and glycol ether ester products are the oxygen activity products, mainly the low carbon glycol ether of propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. Making glycol ether products and acetic acid ...View
  • ACIDACID2018/01/24The compounds that during ionization the cations generated are all hydrogen ion (H+) called acids. At 25℃, the pH value of the dilute solution is less than 7.Acid is a general term for a class of com...View
  • ALCOHOLALCOHOL2018/02/07Definition of ALCOHOLThe organic compound that is formed after one or more hydrogen molecules are replaced by hydroxyl groups. Hydrogen on the rings of aromatic hydrocarbons is replaced by hydroxyl gr...View
  • AMINESAMINES2018/02/07A product that the substitution of one or more hydrogen atoms in an ammonia molecule is replaced by a hydrocarbon group is called an amine. The compound formed after hydrogen in an ammonia molecule is...View
  • CHLORINATED SOLVENTSCHLORINATED SOLVENTS2018/02/07The chlorinated solvent is a kind of organic compound widely used in daily life and production. Its molecular weight is not large. It exists in paints, adhesives, lacquers, and detergents. Chlorinated...View
  • ACRYLATESACRYLATES2018/02/07Acrylate is a general term for esters of acrylic acid and its homologues. The most important ones are methyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate, methyl 2-methacrylate and ethyl 2-methacrylate. It is able to sel...View