Benzyl Alcohol

Application of Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl alcohol used as ointment's preservatives, fiber, nylon and plastic film's desiccant, PVC stabilizers, photographic developer, solvent of acetate fiber, ink, paint, paint, epoxy resin coating,dye, such as gelatin, casein, shellac , intermediate for preparing benzyl ester or ether. Also used for preparing spices and flavoring agent, additives to soap, perfume, cosmetics and other products. Because of index and quartz and wool fiber having nearly the same refractive, so as to identify agents of quartz and wool fiber. In perfumery industry used as a fixative and diluent.

CAS: 100-51-6

Benzyl alcohol is a very useful fixative and an indispensable fragrance for formulating jasmine, moonshine, and ylang. It can be used for the preparation of soaps ans daily make-up flavors. However, benzyl alcohol can be naturally oxidized slowly, producing part of benzaldehyde and benzyl ether, which makes the commercial products often with an almond flavor and not suitable for long-term storage. Benzyl alcohol is widely used in the production of industrial chemicals. It is used as coating solvents; photographic developers; polyvinyl chloride stabilizers; pharmaceuticals; synthetic resin solvents; solvents for vitamin b injections; and ointment or liquid preservatives. It can be used as a drying agent for in nylon filaments, fibers and plastic films, a solvent for dyes, cellulose esters, and as an intermediate for casein to prepare benzyl esters or ethers. At the same time, it is widely used in making pens (of ball-point pen oil), paint solvents, etc.

Benzyl alcohol is a limited preservative as one cosmetic component with its maximum of 1%.

GB 2760-1996 certifies benzyl alcohol as an edible spice. It is also a fixative and a grease solvent. As a spice, it is mainly used to make berry, nut, and other flavors. It is also used in the preparation of floral oils and pharmaceuticals, as well as solvents and fixatives for spices; It serves as a solvent, plasticizer, or preservative, and is utilized in the manufacture of spices, soaps, pharmaceuticals, dyes, and the like.

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