Benzyl Chloride

Benzyl Chloride

CAS Number: 100-44-7

Benzyl chloride is a toxic substance, whose vapor has a tear-inducing effect, stimulates the respiratory tract, and has an anesthetic effect at high concentrations. It is a colorless, transparent liquid with a strong pungent odor. It is soluble in ether, alcohol, chloroform and other organic solvents and insoluble in water. In addition, it can evaporate with water vapor.

Benzyl chloride is a raw material for manufacturing dyes, fragrances, drugs, synthetic tanning agents, synthetic resins, and the like. Benzyl chloride is an important intermediate in organic synthesis. In pesticides, it can not only directly synthesize organophosphorus bactericides, such as ricinol and diterpenoid, but also can be used as an important raw material for many other intermediates, such as the synthesis of phenylacetonitrile, benzoyl chloride, m-phenoxybenzaldehyde, etc. In addition, it has been widely used in medicines, spices, dyes auxiliaries, synthetic resins and the like.

Benzyl chloride is an important organic synthesis intermediate, widely used in the medicine, pesticide, spice, dye additive, synthetic resin industries and other industries.

Leakage disposal

Personnel should be rapidly evacuated from leaking contaminated areas to safe areas, isolated and strictly restricted on access. Cut off the fire. It is recommended that emergency personnel wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus and protective clothing. Do not touch the spill directly. Cut off the leaking source as much as possible. Prevent the leaking benzyl chloride penetrate to sewers, flood drains and other restricted spaces.

For a small amount of leakage: Mix benzyl chloride with sand, dry lime, or soda ash.

For a large number of leakage: Constructing embankments or digging pits is an effective measure; Cover benzyl chloride with foam to reduce steam damages. Use pumps to transfer it to a tanker or a dedicated collector and have it recycled or transported to a waste disposal site.

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