Dibasic Ester(DBE)

CAS NO: 95481-62-2

The picture of DBE effect: surfactant

  • Steel coil coating can help maintain the balance of volatilization speed, avoid the defects caused by the film explosion, and over-baking caused by too fast evaporation speed. It can give the film flat appearance, improved toughness and post-processing, and rising hiding power of pigments.
  • Dibasic ester (DBE solvent) has a special volatility in the paint industry. With the increase of temperatures, its volatilization rate is faster than other solvents, which is, the first half of the volatilization rate is slow and the latter half of the volatilization is fast, which is more conducive to drying.
  • Container / canned paint can effectively replace the canned and container coatings of isophorone, propylene glycol ether, ethylene glycol ether acetate solvents. The high solubility and low volatility rates can make the coating has a good leveling , DBE solvent can improve the flexibility, adhesion and other important properties of coating.
  • Automotive coating can be used for a variety of different automotive coatings and different resin systems. It can be used in middle and topcoats to achieve the desired gloss on the surface of the paint film, increasing the fullness of the paint film, adding a small amount of wetting to the formulation, and improving the leveling and relevelling properties.
  • Enameled wire coating is polyvinyl butyral, polyvinyl formal, polyurethane, polyester, and polyester amide coatings. Solvents made of excellent formulations can completely replace cresol in polyester and polyester amide systems. When these DBE solvents are used, high-solidity and low-twist resins will be produced, bringing a non-corrosive advantage that greatly reduces the user's difficulty in storage.
  • Due to the long wood paint range and large buffering zone, customers have greater flexibility and selectivity in the solvent formulation and construction conditions, which can help adjust the volatilization rate, improve leveling, prevent white fog, pinholes, and other surface defects.
  • In the ink industry, replace the high-boiling solvent with high toxicity and a strong odor.
  • In the resin industry, it has a low viscosity. On the one hand, the viscosity of the resin can be reduced without reducing the molecular weight or the solids content; On the other hand, the solid content can be increased while maintaining the same viscosity. With this feature, high-solidity and low-viscosity resins can be produced.
  • DBE solvent can be used as an polymer and chemicals intermediate and  can be used as organic synthesis intermediate. Its polymerization produces a wide variety of polyesters and other polymers and it is also a raw material for the production of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, initiators and a series of other chemical products.
  • DBE solvent has a very ideal application in cleaning agents, paint strippers, and industrial cleaning.
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