CAS No.: 109-89-7

Diethylamine is a strongly irritating and corrosive chemical. Inhalation of diethylamine vapor or fog can cause laryngeal edema, bronchitis, chemical pneumonia, and pulmonary edema; Inhalation of highly concentrated diethylamine can even cause death. Diethylamine vapor is irritating to eyes and brings corneal edema. Diethylamine liquids or mists can cause eye irritation or burns. Prolonged skin contact can cause burns and oral taking burns the digestive tract.

Uses of Diethylamine

1. Diethylamine can be used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, rubber vulcanization accelerators, textile auxiliaries, and metal antiseptics, emulsifiers, polymerization inhibitors, etc. It is also used as a refining solvent for waxes, an activator for emulsion polymerization of conjugated dienes, and an antifreeze for engine preparation.

2. Diethylamine is a solvent and an intermediate of chemical raw materials. It can be used to prepare drugs such as procaine, chloroquine, nikethamide, colamin, and sulfonamides. It can also be used to produce pesticides, dyes, rubber vulcanization accelerators, metal processing agents, textile auxiliaries, bactericides, corrosion inhibitors, polymerization inhibitors, and anti-freeze agents.

3. Diethylamine can be applied in organic synthesis, as well as the dye and drug synthesis. It can be used as an analytical reagent, such as a chromogenic reagent for the detection of thiobarbituric acid by thin layer chromatography. In addition, it can be used as a preservative.

4. Diethylamine can be used for organic synthesis, or as an epoxy curing agent.

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