Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (DPM)

Introduction to DPM chemical

The solvent for coating systems;
Additive in paint removers;
The component in hydraulic fluids.
Starting material for the production of esters used as plasticizers.
It reacts with acids to form esters, oxidizing agents to form aldehydes or carboxylic acids,
alkali metals to form alcoholates or aldehydes to form acetals.
These properties support the use in agricultural, cosmetic, electronic, ink, textile, and adhesive products.

Usage of DPM chemical

Be suitable for benzene propylene emulsion, propylene alkene acid emulsion, and its emulsion paint, which are characterized by reducing the coating temperature, speeding its cohesion and keeping the coating in a good condition. Also can be used as the solvent for electrophoresis paints and some other high-grade ones. Besides the above-mentioned application, they also can be sued as the anti-ice liquid for fuel, detergent, extractive, soft printing ink, silk printing ink, and mineral separating agent for nonferrous metals as well as material for organic compose etc. Electronic Grade is mainly used as TFT-LCD photoresistive thinner in liquid crystal display screen and photoresist, photoresistive remove liquid, peeling agent, IC cleaning agent, photoresistive remove buffer, etching reagent, and other chemicals. DPM chemical also can be used as the solvent in the production of electronic materials.

Cas no: 34590-94-8

Melting point: -80°C
Boiling point: 90-91 °C 12 mm Hg (lit.)
Density 0.954 g/mL at 20 °C (lit.)

Uses of DPM chemical

It can be used as a solvent for nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl acetate, and the like.
It can be used as a solvent for paints and dyes are also components of brake fluids.
It can be used as a solvent for nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl acetate, coatings, dyes, and brake oil. DPM solvent is used as a solvent for printing inks, enamels, cutting oils and working oils. DPM solvent can be used as a coupling agent for water-based dilution coatings (usually mixed); a reactive solvent for water-based coatings; a solvent for household and industrial cleaners, grease and paint removers, metal cleaners, hard surface cleaners, and coupling agents; a basic solvent and coupling agent for solvent-based screen printing inks; a coupling agent and solvent for vat dye fabrics; a coupling agent and skin care agent for cosmetic formulations; stabilizers for agricultural pesticides; coagulants for ground brighteners.

Fire-fighting measures of DPM chemical

[Hazardous characteristics] DPM solvent burns in case of fire and high heat.
[Hazardous combustion products] Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
[Extinguishing methods] Move the container from the fire as far as possible to the open space. Spray water to keep the fire container cool until the fire is over. If the container in the fire is discolored or produces sound from the safety pressure relief device, it must be evacuated immediately.
Extinguishing agents: water spray, foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, and sand.

Emergency measures of DPM chemical

[Skin contact] Remove contaminated clothing and rinse with flowing water.
[Eye contact] Lift the eyelid and rinse with running water or saline, and then go to a doctor.
[Inhalation] Escape from the scene to the open space quickly and keep the airway open. If one's breathing is difficult, give him oxygen. If his breathing stops, give artificial respiration immediately. Go to a doctor immediately.
[Ingestion] Drink plenty of warm water, induce vomiting and go to a doctor.

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