Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol (MIBC)

Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol (MIBC)

CAS NO.: 108-11-2

Chemical properties of MIBC solvent

Dethyl isobutyl carbinol (MIBC) is a colorless stable liquid. MIBC solvent has a melting point of -90°C, solidifying point of -90°C, boiling point of 132°C, relative density of 0.8083 (20/20°C), refractive index of 1.4112, flash point of 40.6°C, vapor pressure (20°C) of 0.373 kPa, and viscosity of 5.2 mPa·s. MIBC chemical will solidify to be a glass body below -90°C. Its steam with air forms an explosive mixture with an explosion limit of 1%-5.5%. It is miscible with various organic solvents and slightly soluble in water. Its soluble content in water at 20°C reaches up to 1.9%.

Applications of MIBC Solvent

4-Methyl-2-pentanol is an excellent medium boiling point solvent. MIBC solvent is mainly used as a solvent for dyes, petroleum, rubbers, resins, paraffin, nitrocellulose and ethyl cellulose, etc. It is used as an inert solvent for nitrocellulose lacquer, which can increase the gloss and flatness of the coating and improve the performance of reddening. MIBC solvent is used as a solvent in the manufacture of lubricating oil additives. MIBC chemical serves as a raw material for organic synthesis, and a mineral flotation agent like in extracting silicon and copper sulfate ore; It can also be used in brake fluid.

Methyl isopropyl carbinol can be used as a foaming agent, dispersant, detergent, plasticizer, surfactant, or lubricant and in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in the photographic industry.

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