N-Ethyl Pyrrolidone (NEP)

N-Ethyl Pyrrolidone (NEP)

CAS Number: 2687-91-4

Chemical Properties of N Ethyl Pyrrolidon

N Ethyl Pyrrolidon is a colorless, transparent liquid with high polarity, high chemical stability, and high thermal stability. It has weak alkali properties, a boiling point of 82-83°C (-101.3Kpa), a density of 0.994. NEP solvent has high solubility and can be miscible with any ratio of water. It can be used as a highly efficient selective solvent, catalyst and cationic surfactant in industry.

Applications of N Ethyl Pyrrolidon

NEP solvent is used for the refining of oil products and the production of gunpowder, drugs, dyes, pesticides, household chemicals, paints, resins, etc., as strippers for lithium batteries, degreased rubber, photoresist, coating developer, and epoxy resin trimming.

NEP solvent is mainly used for refined oil products and producing gunpowder, medicine, dyes, pesticides, daily chemicals, coatings, heat-resistant resins, etc.

NEP solvent is an intermediate for the synthesis of organic compounds and used in various chemical synthesis, and can also be used as an organic solvent. It is mainly used in the refinement of oil products and production of gunpowder, lithium batteries, pharmaceuticals, dyes, pesticides, daily chemicals, coatings, heat-resistant and high-molecular-weight polymer resins. It is utilized for dry rubber degreasing, coating development agents, epoxy resin edge cutting, butadiene extraction, natural gas desulfurization, pesticides, synthetic fiber spinning media, pigment dispersion and so on.

NEP solvent should be kept away from high temperatures and fire sources and stored in tightly closed containers. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use and stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.

Ethyl pyrrolidone is not chemically active. it is not corrosive to metals such as carbon steel and aluminum except copper. Ethyl pyrrolidone is packed in galvanized iron barrels of 200 KG/barrel, and plastic bottles for small amounts are protected from light. It is stored and transported according to the regulations of the general chemicals.

Biodegradability of N Ethyl Pyrrolidon

Under the combined action of water, microorganisms, and light, the 90-100 % content will be decomposed within 28 days. In addition, its decomposition products pollution-free.
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