N-Propyl Acetate
CAS Number: 109-60-4

Chemical Properties of N-Propyl Acetate

It is a colorless liquid with a soft fruit aroma. It is mutually soluble with alcohols, ethers, ketones, hydrocarbons and slightly soluble in water.

Use of N-Propyl Acetate

1. It can be used as a food spice certified by GB 2760-1996. It is mainly used for the preparation of pear, honey, banana, apple, and alcoholic beverages as well as gooseberry flavors. It can also be used as a fruit-type perfume solvent.

2. It can be used as a mild quick-drying agent for flexo printing inks and gravure printing inks, especially for olefin reduction and polyamide film printing. It's also used as a solvent for nitrocellulose, chlorinated rubber, and heat-reactive phenolic plastics. Propyl acetate has a slight fruit aroma and releases a pear-like aroma after dilution. It can be naturally found in bananas, tomatoes, and raspberries. It is certified by China's GB2760-86 as an edible spice. It is mainly used for the preparation of pear and gooseberry flavors, as well as a fruit-type perfume solvent.

3. N-propyl acetate has excellent dissolving power for various synthetic resins and is an effective solvent for many synthetic resins such as ethyl cellulose, nitrocellulose, styrene and methacrylate resins. N-propyl acetate is commonly used in organic synthesis and is used as a solvent for coatings, printing inks, etc. N-propyl acetate is also frequently used in the industry as a dehydrating agent.

4. It is used as a good solvent for paints, inks, nitro spray paints, varnishes, and various resins. It is also used in the flavor and fragrance industry.

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