Phosphoric Acid
CAS No: 7664-38-2

Physical properties of Phosphoric Acid

Density: 1.685 g/ml
Melting point: 42.35 ℃
Boiling point: 158 ℃

Pure phosphoric acid is a colorless crystal soluble in water and has a high boiling point. Commercial phosphoric acid reagents are viscous and non-volatile concentrated solutions with phosphoric acid content up to 83-98 %.

Uses of Phosphoric Acid

In the plastics industry, it is used as a condensation reaction catalyst for the production of phenolic resins. In the daily chemical industry, it is used as an additive for the production of detergents and used to impregnate matchsticks, making using matches more secure. In the metallurgical industry, it's used for the production of phosphoric acid refractory mud, which increases the life of steel furnaces. The food industry is used as an acidic flavoring agent. In the paint industry, it's used as a metal anti-rust paint. [1] In the production of silicon planar tubes and integrated circuits, aluminum films which need to be lithographically treated with phosphoric acid as an acidic cleaning etchant are commonly used as electrode leads.

Phosphoric acid is mainly used as a water softener, a scale, and a raw material for the production of a phosphorus-based water treatment agents in the field of water treatment. Phosphoric acid has many other uses. High-purity phosphoric acid can be used to make fluorine-free feeds. It can be used as a polishing agent in the electroplating industry, a detergent in the printing industry, an acidifier in refining ethylene and hydrogen peroxide, an acidifier and flavoring agent in beverage production, and a desiccant in the dye industry.

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