T-Butyl Acetate(TBAC)

T-Butyl Acetate(TBAC)

CAS number: 540-88-5

Physical properties of T-Butyl Acetate(TBAC)

1. Properties: colorless liquid with a fruit smell
2. Melting point (°C): -62
3. Boiling Point (°C): 98
4. Relative density (The density of water is 1): 0.86 (25°C)

Uses of T-Butyl Acetate(TBAC)

1. Coatings, inks, paints, and adhesives:
T-Butyl acetate can replace VOC and HAP solvents in decorative and industrial coatings, as well as inks, pressure sensitive glues, adhesives, etc. It is less volatile and non-flammable than acetone and methyl acetate.

T-Butyl acetate has similar volatilization rates and solvency in other coating systems (for example, 2K polyurethanes, alkyd resins, acrylic resins, nitrocellulose, paints and baking paints) as other solvents (for example, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, p-chlorobe nzotrifluoride, ethyl, propyl acetate, and toluene). Due to its superior resistance to amines, it can also be used to replace toluene and other solvents commonly used in epoxy polyamide coatings.

2. Pharmaceutical intermediates
T-Butyl acetate can be used in peptide synthesis, veralidi, amprenavir, and statin intermediates (atorvastatin, rosuvastatin, pitavastatin), magnesium alkoxide compounds (magnesium tert-butoxide-- Norfowe) and the like.

3. Industrial cleaning agent
As a solvent-based cleaning agent, it has the same extensive solvency as general chlorinated solvents and hydrocarbon solvents. As a non-halogen solvent, it does not damage the ozone layer. It can be used for metal degreasing and cleaning of special equipment, such as aviation and aerospace industrial machinery and fine mechanical equipment. In addition, it can effectively remove toluene, soil polluted with mineral oil and acetone, and lithium-based grease.

4. Electronic Industry
There is also a certain application in semiconductor processing and it can be used as a substitute for other solvents in photoresist formulations. It can also be used to clean circuit boards, remove oil, and remove fluxes.

5. Other applications
It can be used in agricultural products, textiles, petrol anti-seismic additives and fuels.

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