The market of Pentaerythritol in the future has Considerable Development Prospects

Pentaerythritol is an important chemical raw material. It has a wide range of applications, such as coatings, light industry, automobiles, construction, synthetic resins, and other industrial fields. Pentaerythritol production in China has developed rapidly in recent years.

In order to develop the pentaerythritol industry faster in China, we need to pay attention to five points: firstly, enterprises with large-scale equipment need to upgrade technology and improve product quality, while small-scale equipment with serious pollution and poor product quality should be eliminated; secondly, the structure of pentaerythritol industrial products in China needs to be adjusted rapidly in order to achieve product diversification, refinement, high purity to meet the needs of different users; Third, the production and development experience of foreign counterparts is worth learning. In addition to the production of pentaerythritol, the production of trimethylolpropane and neopentaerythritol at the same time can properly reduce investment and production costs; Fourth, vigorous efforts should be made to reduce investment and production costs. Fifth, the domestic production capacity is excessive, but the demand is limited, so it is necessary to actively improve product quality, reduce production costs, actively expand domestic demand while actively expanding exports to alleviate the situation of excess domestic production capacity.

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